Voice Assistants, Payments and Beyond

Just a day back, I was fortunate enough to buy the hard-to-find, newly launched and so called ‘magical’ device from Apple called the AirPods. Here I sit now in a Thai restaurant in Toronto on a surprisingly warm day for February sipping some lovely lemon ginger tea and listening to some soft rock while wondering how far bluetooth headphones have come since the days I bought my first pair in 2010, a set of Philips MW 600 earphones, which are by the way still working and reliable though out of my favour. Being one of the most technologically advanced pair of headsets one can buy (or probably find considering how short they are in supply) right now in the market, AirPods and the underlying technologies like Siri by Apple have multiple far reaching use cases across diverse spaces, including payments. Continue reading


Do fitness bands really work?

It was some time in the year 2015 when a friend of mine who lives in Toronto and who last saw me almost an year earlier while we were in school noticed that I had put on quite a bit of weight. It was slightly an embarrassing conversation especially since I was always the one who boasted how active I’m and how she isn’t. But now it seems like I had lot of time at hand when I was at school and hence more active. Anyways, I guess a lot of you like me after college would have just become too busy in life to notice how one can easily put up love handles without much effort or love.
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A week with the Pebble Smartwatch


Lost in thought and time during a long winter break in Toronto, I was staring at my watch wondering why each minute feels like an hour. I recollected reading an article about how we perceive time differently based on our environments. If we are busy pursuing something, we assume time to be running fast. If we are doing nothing like I was before writing this article, we assume time to be still. However, time always moves at the same speed. It’s our perception of time that changes. If something changes this perception, then we should stop and take a look at it. Meet Pebble… A smartwatch that created ripples in the way I see time, literally…

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