INTERNET OF (HUMAN) THINGS: The Human side of things that could be key to the success of IoT

people-connected-1Starting from the times of mythology, where one’s wishes were ‘heard’ by Gods, to technology, where one can overlay digital objects over physical reality and interact or ‘act’ as if they are one and the same, the human element has always been the same – you can call them the enabler, master or even creator to some extent if we are not kidding ourselves. However, the one thing that we amazing homo sapiens failed to master or even understand is the human element of things around us. I think it’s time for the budding entrepreneurs to focus not on the Internet of Things (IoT as they fondly call it) and something I believe is not that hard to master or develop considering our pace of innovation (just look at the last 100 years) but on the Internet of (Human) Things (IoH) for the betterment of this world and for better utilization of us, the humans, because we really don’t want robots to rule the world right!  Continue reading