Life without a smartphone and its relevance for apps/services

vicio.celular.jpgSome people call me crazy and some call me jobless. I wouldn’t deny either but as someone wise said sometime way back, “When life gives you lemons you make a lemonade (or even a tequila).” Still true today, and maybe even more relevant in business. Currently, I’m making the best of my downtime exploring the freedom of doing some borderline crazy stuff. Okay! Maybe it’s not too crazy, maybe it’s exploring — but I like the sound of it.  Continue reading


Do fitness bands really work?

It was some time in the year 2015 when a friend of mine who lives in Toronto and who last saw me almost an year earlier while we were in school noticed that I had put on quite a bit of weight. It was slightly an embarrassing conversation especially since I was always the one who boasted how active I’m and how she isn’t. But now it seems like I had lot of time at hand when I was at school and hence more active. Anyways, I guess a lot of you like me after college would have just become too busy in life to notice how one can easily put up love handles without much effort or love.
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NFC beyond mobile payments

There has been talk for a long time that mobile payment is the next big thing and that it’s going to take over the other three channels of payment (cash, credit and check) very soon. However, the adoption hasn’t been as rapid or revolutionary as many thought. Some of the reasons include lack of consumer education, reluctance for change and high cost of infrastructure. But the big factor to me is how it failed to address a key consumer issue – better consumer experience.

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Can Samsung score a hat trick with the SIII?

With the tremendous success of Galaxy S and SII, Samsung has more than announced itself loud and clear in the global smartphone market. Samsung became the only player that could seriously challenge the likes of Apple in the smartphone industry and catapulted android OS into a market leader. So, can Samsung continue its reign with the third iteration of its flagship smartphone? Is it as huge an upgrade as SII was for the original S. Let’s see!

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Nokia Lumia 900: A make or break for Nokia and Microsoft in Uncle Sam’s territory

When two companies like Nokia, a company that once ruled the ‘Smartphone’ market across the world and one that is still inspired from the quotation “try and try until you succeed” in the US market, and Microsoft, a software giant that failed to grasp the Smartphone market at its infancy and gifted the Smartphone torch to its rivals, come together with an intention of creating a product that could alter not only their fortunes but also the mobile landscape, the expectations run high especially in Uncle Sam’s territory where a Smartphone is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. So, has Lumia 900 met the expectations? Lets see!

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Is One X the one for HTC!!!

HTC had a tough last year with decreased profits and increased competition from Samsung with it’s Galaxy line of phones especially the new ‘gigantic’ Note and almost an year old S2, both of which are selling in record numbers. HTC also had to battle the Cupertino giant – Apple, which continues to amaze everyone with stellar sales of it’s iOS line of devices. So what should HTC do to better the competition and change its fortunes? Release the best phone in the market. Did HTC succeed in its efforts? I would say partially. Let’s see why the One X might not be the one HTC thought it would be.

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