I am a Mac and I’m loving it!!!

It was the fall/winter of ’07 when I was into the 1st semester of my Master’s degree in US. I bought myself a budget Acer laptop to aid with my studies and it was just a normal laptop that got my tasks done without much fanfare or attention. Before purchasing this budget laptop, I had heard a lot about Macs and was literally fantasizing about owning one. However, putting down a grand for a laptop being a student didn’t seem an economical choice. Nonetheless, I pondered over the idea throughout the first semester till my roommate took me to his cousin who owned one. Like an 18 year old gazing at the neighbor’s Ferrari, I didn’t blink an eye while staring at this white unicorn in a messy room. Nothing was visible in the room except this finely crafted piece of white polycarbonate with a glowing Apple symbol, which I hallucinated as glowing in rhythm with my heartbeat. I bugged the owner non-stop about the compatibility of some applications I frequently use and also foolishly about the requirement of an anti virus application like in PCs. I came back home that night and decided to get one for myself and to ship the Acer laptop to my dad. This one decision turned me into a spendthrift overnight among my friends in the school who were all using a PC and suggested the same for me too. However, I listened to only myself and bought a Mac. It was a huge decision at that moment considering my financial capacity and the general trend. My attitude to life has changed since that night and I have been doing only the things that I love and enjoy.

The morning after that night I borrowed a credit card from one of my roommates and ordered the white 13” Macbook, which I got for $999 including a student discount. I eagerly waited for the delivery for almost 6-10 days and kept refreshing the tracking page almost every hour. During these 6-10 days, I got used to watching hundreds of hugely trending unboxing videos on Youtube and prepared myself for the D-day. It was a moment of bliss when the doorbell rang and I got the package. I proudly signed the delivery slip and opened the package with a heavy heartbeat. Since that moment, I loved opening packages and I occasionally steal my friends’ packages to open and reattach before they even know it. The first boot up was the best experience when you are welcomed with a ‘Welcome’ sign in different languages amid a galaxy background. It was surreal.  In the next few months, I slowly got used to the new Mac OS environment, took it along everywhere, and showed off the fancy applications like Time Machine, Exposé, Front Row, Spotlight, Photo Booth and iPhoto to my friends who were all pretty impressed. My Mac was the poster boy gadget for many of my group’s trips, gatherings and parties.

Features like Spotlight enable me to do an instant search on any kind of word, phrase or topic in mind. Hell! It even helps me with dictionary. Backing Up was an alien concept till I used Time Machine. It saved me many times in retrieving lost or accidentally deleted files. Before using a Mac and iTunes, I never had an organized music collection. I largely used folders to organize my media and almost never used the inbuilt windows media player in PC. iTunes changed it all and now my media is well organized and easily synced across all my devices like iPod, iPhone. I’m sure you can do all the things I have said above on a PC. But rest assured it won’t be as intuitive, simple or addictive as on a Mac.

When Apple released a completely redesigned Macbook Pro line (15” and 17”) with unibody aluminum casing in the fall of ’08, I wondered if it’s a good time to upgrade. However, I always preferred a 13” screen to a 15” one for the ease of portability and cost difference. Hence, I temporarily put off my plans to upgrade. Fortunately, my wish was fulfilled in the summer of ’09 when Apple released the 13” Macbook Pro, the first ever 13” Pro that included an aluminum casing like the 15” Pro. These new aluminum unibody Macs are real things of beauty. Immediately, I upgraded the memory and storage capacity on my 13” white polycarbonate Macbook and sold it on ebay for a whopping $710. I also sold an iPod touch, which I got for free for purchasing the new 2009 13” Macbook Pro, for $180. Therefore, I technically got $890 for my almost 2-year-old white Macbook and added just $210 for a fancy new upgrade. It was one hell of a deal and even after 3 years of heavy usage, my 13” Macbook pro is almost as good as new now.  That’s what I call value for money. When you buy a Mac you buy quality and character, intangible elements made tangible by Apple and Steve Jobs. Once you use a Mac you can never go back to a PC.


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