Nokia Lumia 900: A make or break for Nokia and Microsoft in Uncle Sam’s territory

When two companies like Nokia, a company that once ruled the ‘Smartphone’ market across the world and one that is still inspired from the quotation “try and try until you succeed” in the US market, and Microsoft, a software giant that failed to grasp the Smartphone market at its infancy and gifted the Smartphone torch to its rivals, come together with an intention of creating a product that could alter not only their fortunes but also the mobile landscape, the expectations run high especially in Uncle Sam’s territory where a Smartphone is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. So, has Lumia 900 met the expectations? Lets see!

When Nokia released the Lumia 800 across the world, the once largest Smartphone market, US, wondered why its shores didn’t see the Finnish wonder. However, the wait didn’t last long since Nokia had bigger plans, purportedly bigger and better version of the one internationally available (Lumia 800), for Uncle Sam. The analogy of the Lumia 800 being like a BMW 5 series, and suggesting there will be a 7 series (read Lumia 900), as projected by the head of Nokia France, Paul Amsellem, during the launch of the Lumia 800 explains the changes to be expected. The changes include bigger screen (4.3” to 3.7”), weight (160 g to 142 g), network bands (LTE to no LTE), larger battery (1830 mAh to 1450 mAh) and few aesthetic changes. The cons of a bigger device include poor screen resolution (still 800 x 480) for a 4.3” screen, although the screen provides great contrast thanks to Nokia’s ClearBlack AMOLED display tech, and ‘relaxed’ or ‘floating’ UI transitions in contrast to speedy and smooth on the Lumia 800. Also, ergonomic changes like a bezel around the 4.3” screen unlike a clean tapered design on the Lumia 800 and slightly rough texture on the big brother spoil the overall feel of the device. Nonetheless, Lumia 900 improves on an already excellent camera in the smaller brother with slightly more depth of field and color density. Overall battery life (expect at least a full day of charge with heavy usage) is great too. The cons and disappointments I explained before will be noticeable only if you have held a Lumia 800 in your hand before. Otherwise, this is one of the best Nokia phones to be released in the US market.

So, the pertaining question is should one pick Lumia 900 over HTC One X or Galaxy Nexus? If you are a power user that loves customizations and hates OEM skins, go for the Nexus. If you a power user who doesn’t mind a light OEM skin that enhances the overall experience, go for the latest sensation, the One X. However, if you want to change your mobile user experience and love simplicity in usage without much distractions or customizations, then this device is the perfect choice for a windows phone adaptation. Go for it if you usually don’t tinker or get bored soon with your devices.


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