Is One X the one for HTC!!!

HTC had a tough last year with decreased profits and increased competition from Samsung with it’s Galaxy line of phones especially the new ‘gigantic’ Note and almost an year old S2, both of which are selling in record numbers. HTC also had to battle the Cupertino giant – Apple, which continues to amaze everyone with stellar sales of it’s iOS line of devices. So what should HTC do to better the competition and change its fortunes? Release the best phone in the market. Did HTC succeed in its efforts? I would say partially. Let’s see why the One X might not be the one HTC thought it would be.

Compared to it’s rivals like Samsung, HTC has done a stellar job in crafting an amazing piece of hardware that exudes exceptional quality. The polycarbonate unibody construction and the overall feel of the device makes it one of the best to hold in hand. However, the protruding camera and the lack of a dedicated camera button are few of the sore points to consider. The size of the screen is apt for a phone enabling exceptional multimedia viewing experience. The 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, fast shooting camera (can take a picture in 0.7 seconds), 1280×720 display resolution and beats audio are just the perfect icing on the cake. So where does the device fail?

Few of the points include the high price, compromised battery life (thanks to the screen and quad-core processor), and finally the underwhelming performance of the quad-core processor. Also, one has to keep in mind the upcoming quad-core products from the likes of Samsung and Apple (probable) to forecast the success of this device. Moreover, the fragmentation of android software is going to be a much bigger issue in the near future considering the rate of upgrades/changes in the mobile landscape. HTC on its part has listened to its customers and skimmed the Sense UI to a limited presence. However, I personally feel most of the customers prefer the stock android UI over OEM skins.

HTC One X has everything going for it. However, considering the number of new and upcoming products in the mobile landscape with similar specs as the One X, fragmentation of android software and so-so battery life, I personally feel One X might not be the one for HTC. It’s the best phone in the market right now but that crown won’t last for long. In a perfect world, I wish One X was available with better battery life, with stock ICS software and at a lower price. I really really wish for that ONE!!!


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